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Repost di: How to secure an UBUNTU 12.04 LTS Server

This guide is intended as a relatively easy step by step guide to:

Harden the security on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server by installing and configuring the following:

  1. Install and configure Firewall - ufw
  2. Secure shared memory - fstab 
  3. SSH - Disable root login and change port 
  4. Protect su by limiting access only to admin group 
  5. Harden network with sysctl settings 
  6. Disable Open DNS Recursion - Bind9 DNS 
  7. Prevent IP Spoofing
  8. Harden PHP for security 
  9. Install and configure Apache application firewall - ModSecurity
  10. Protect from DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks with ModEvasive
  11. Scan logs and ban suspicious hosts - DenyHosts and Fail2Ban
  12. Intrusion Detection - PSAD
  13. Check for RootKits - RKHunter and CHKRootKit
  14. Scan open Ports - Nmap
  15. Analyse system LOG files - LogWatch
  16. SELinux - Apparmor
  17. Audit your system security - Tiger